Jeremy specialises in English popular and dance music from 1550 to 1750, and also has a particular interest in the illustration of music and social dance over the centuries.


Lecture with digital slides and high quality recorded music

Musical and Cultural Life in Shakespeare’s England

Copiously illustrated with slides and musical examples, the lecture portrays not only the high art of court masques, music-making and dancing among the gentry and nobility, but also the broadside ballads, country dances and theatrical jigs of popular culture. The concluding section examines Shakespeare’s use of music in his plays.


Songs and Dances from Shakespeare
With Deborah Roberts (soprano) and John Potter (tenor) Saydisc CD-SDL 409


Oxford Companion to Shakespeare Shakespeare, ed. Michael Dobson and Stanley Wells: more than 100 entries on music, song and dance in Shakespeare’s time, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002.